Sculptor - Vlastimil Beranek

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MR. Vlastimil Beranek is considered to be the most amazing masters of glass around the world. The secret of his artistic and craftsmanship skills has been traditionally handed down fromgeneration to generation. His family tradition working with glass started one hundred years ago. Then this father and brothers increased their fame in glasswork.

Mr Beranek is born to work with glass. He comes from third generation of the Beranek family wich founded the Glass factory in Skrdlovice. Mr Beranek now works in his atelier in Stranov near Zdar and Sazavou and also in his new atelier in Crystal Caviar premisses in Sluknov. Very recentely Mr Beranek started a co-operation with another Master in Bohemian glass sculpture with Mr Jan Frydrych. Mr Beranek began his spectacular artwork in his youth

Three words perfectly characterize his unique design: nature, passion and perfect balance. He gained a reputation as the most prestigious producer from the best raw Bohemian crystal. He is the only artist who has ever created one of the biggest art sculptures from one piece of glass. The biggest piece are made of 15% lead Bohemian Ruby crystal and weigh 260kg. His pieces are very rare to see in exhibitions and galleries as most of his pieces were bought by keen admirers of his work before he completed them. Furthermore, most of the piece from Mr Beranek were comissions for clients and usually ended up in residences of members of Royal families and Private collections of the top VIP collectors. At the moment there are only 5 pieces available in the world.

2001 World tour exhibition: Professor Libensky and his school, Salzbourg, Strasbourg, Hong-Kong, Tchaj-wan, New-York
2007 Abu Dhabi Yacht show
2008 Index exhibition Dubaï
2009 Connection Prague, Czech Republic
2013 Monaco Yacht Show
2014 Sea Fair Yacht exhibition ART BASEL Miami USA
2014 Gate Mall Art Gallery exhibition, Doha Qatar
And many private exhibition around the World